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Have you ever wondered what a racing simulator is and what it's for? Now we will tell you about all the advantages and characteristics of racing simulators, but before we start it should be said that a racing simulator is a device that simulates the model of vehicle movement and accurately reproduces the features of the real driving.

Like computer games for learning to drive a car, racing simulators are based on the principles of interactivity and maximum immersion in a virtual situation. With it you will be able to get used to the steering wheel and the correct landing, learn to take off, change gears, reverse, while not feeling constant tension and pressure on the psyche, the opportunity to work on mistakes: repeatedly repeating the maneuvers that cause the greatest difficulty.

Of course, lessons on the racing simulator will not replace the real driving experience, but they will definitely help to overcome fear and better prepare for the real driving.

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Racing F-GT Simulator Cockpit

And so, let's start with the Racing F-GT Simulator Cockpit-it's a quality racing simulator that is used not only by beginners, but also by professionals. This version of the simulator features a stiff reliable high quality steel frame that is powder coated, it does not crack or crumble, and the premium racing seat provides comfort and convenience for long races. The Racing F-GT Simulator Cockpit can be combined with all major pedals and wheels, and is equipped with additional features such as a lumbar support cushion, seat slider, and gear lever support. The perfectly adjustable steering wheel and shift lever positions allow you to use this simulator comfortably.

Next Level Racing F-GT Lite Formula Simulator

This version of the racing simulator is a bit simpler than the previous one, but nevertheless it is no worse or inferior to other models in terms of performance. The Next Level Racing F-GT Lite Formula Simulator is equipped with special bushings that provide fast adjustment and reliability, adjustable handlebar, pedal and gearshift lever positions. This particular light version of the racing simulator because it is easy to store and can be easily carried around, yet it is made of quality hard materials and has hard mounts for the steering wheel, shifter and pedals, allowing you to race hard and get wins. You will be able to use this simulator with comfort, because the chair is made of a pleasant light fabric, which has a huge number of openings, so it was comfortable to sit and the body does not sweat.

Marada Racing Simulator Cockpit with Racing Seat

Of course, you can buy a ready-made and fully equipped racing simulator, but you can also assemble it yourself. That is why we present you this racing simulator cockpit with an adjustable racing seat. The advantages of the Marada Racing Simulator Cockpit with Racing Seat: The height and length of the cockpit, the height of the lever, the angle of the pedal and the angle of the seat can all be adjusted comfortably. The lower part of the seat of this design is retractable, which is very convenient and practical, and the seat stand is made of durable quality steel, can perfectly support the steering wheel and pedal, and so this design is very durable and resistant. You can buy all the elements you need for a complete racing simulator and enjoy the comfortable use.

Next Level Racing GTTrack Simulator Cockpit

The Next Level Racing GTTrack Simulator Cockpit is a faux leather seat, steering wheel, adjustable gearshift levers and pedal. All this allows you to comfortably and conveniently participate in virtual races or learn to drive, which is very helpful in further learning to drive. Comfortable artificial leather seat allows you to feel comfortable, and the robust design to support the wheels and professional pedal sets are very durable and last a dozen years with constant use. Racing simulators like this are used by cybersport champions, which already says a lot. A seat slider, a reclining seat, and gear lever support are included with this simulator, and it is also compatible with all new platforms.

Next Level Racing Gttrack Frame Only Simulator Cockpit - Not Machine Specific

This racing simulator is designed for professionals who do serious virtual racing. Next Level Racing Gttrack Frame Only Simulator Cockpit is a rugged quality construction for direct drive wheel support, a perfect frame for the cockpit, stiffness, chic adjustment of all elements of the racing simulator. This simulator is compatible with all major types of pedals and wheels, and the seat brackets are made of thick and strong steel, accordingly this construction is very strong and resistant. All parts are very precisely and well made to fit all racing seats for the best experience, and also this racing simulator can repurpose into a cockpit for flight enthusiasts, making this design versatile.

Marada Racing Simulator Cockpit Pro,Racing Steering Wheel Stand fit Logitech

The racing simulator is made of very high quality and durable alloy steel, so it is very durable and allows you to comfortably play or learn to drive. The construction is coated with two layers of handmade anti-corrosion paint, which does not crack or rub off, and the highly elastic round rubber legs are comfortable and steeply adjustable. All stands are articulated and are more stable, safer and have a more contact surface. Absolutely all joints are designed with sturdy steel fasteners to make assembly and adjustment as easy and fast as possible. The tilt angles of all elements can be adjusted to your comfort and convenience, as well as the height-it can also be adjusted and adjusted to suit you.

Extreme Sim Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit SGT Racing Simulator

The Extreme Sim Racing Wheel Stand is one of the best racing simulators, it has locking handles that are easily adjustable, integrated gear lever mounts, there is also a full size pedal deck, mountability and angle adjustment are also features of this simulator. This design folds up conveniently for compact storage, and the non-slip underside stands securely and clearly on the floor and does not slip or slide on its own.